30 June 2010

Vegetable matters

We did the mushroom cellars tour yesterday and it was interesting. I'll write about it in a day or two.

Oyster mushrooms at promotional prices in Bourré

Other vegetable news: I harvested my first potatoes yesterday, and we had them for dinner with a roasted chicken last night. I got quite a few spuds from the three plants I pulled up.

The first haul of new potatoes

I think I pulled them up too early, though, because the roots were full of tiny pea-sized potatoes that would probably have grown into something usable if I had left them. But it doesn't matter — I have about two dozen more plants out there.

Cooking radishes...

We also pulled out a good bunch of radishes. The radishes themselves had grown too large. Rather than eat them raw with butter, salt, and bread, we decided to cook them.

...and the radish greens

I stewed them slowly in chicken broth and duck fat, with the green tops and the radishes too. They were good with the potatoes and chicken. Radishes are actually just little turnips.

A prickly-pear cactus flower

I noticed day before yesterday that one of my prickly-pear cactus plants had a nice yellow flower on it. That's the first and only cactus flower I've seen so far this year.

More flowers, up close

And another of the succulent plants I have in a pot is flowering again too. It had a flower stalk on it just a few months ago, so I was surprised to see another one so soon.


  1. Glad to see the cactus bloomed. In SoCal it blooms in mid-April, in Virginia it's mid-June. The one in Paris is not dead, but it never bloomed, yet. We'll see.

  2. It had not registered that radishes are one of the turnip family and you could cook them. We have some that are a bit on the large side so I will give it a try.

  3. Oh, I think I saw that movie. Cactus Flower.


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