01 December 2007


The tacos we had for lunch yesterday were really good. Walt made some Mexican-style corn tortillas. We put together a roasted-tomato salsa with chipotle peppers. We seared some steak and onions. There were beans too, and lettuce and grated cheese.

Pan-sear some beefsteak or cook some chicken
breast and then slice it across the grain.

Pan-roasted onions and seared flank or skirt steak ready for tacos

Tacos and beans — make your own right at the table.

Eating lunch was a little like being on vacation in an exotic locale. The spiciness was just the thing to ward off the chill that has settled on Saint-Aignan these last few days and weeks.


  1. This all looks pretty good!

  2. It seems to me that actually you are in an exotic locale...living each day next to a vineyard in Saint Aignon, Frace!!!!


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