01 March 2018


It started snowing at about 6 p.m. yesterday, but it didn't snow much. This morning there's precipitation but it seems more like freezing mist than snow. Welcome to March.

The temperature right now is just barely below freezing. That was the high temperature yesterday. Today we just might hit 10ºC, which is 50ºF. The inch or two of snow that's on the ground should melt away quickly.

From today into next week temperatures are supposed to stay above freezing, and that's a good thing. The rain that will come with milder weather is a mixed blessing. We really don't need any more rain.

So there I was before dawn this morning trying to take decent photos inside the greenhouse and through the glass panels. The photos sort of worked, considering how dark it was. It's obvious that the greenhouse is fairly warm compared to outside, because the snow is melting and sliding down the glass panels.


  1. Wow, those are really cool photos (no pun intended) -- especially considering the darkness.

  2. I love seeing your greenhouse doing its job.

  3. Great first picture. I'm sure your plants are happy to be inside the greenhouse.

  4. Great pictures, Ken, especially the first one (for me anyway). Get well soon - both of you - so you can enjoy some time away next week! We've both been down with a bad cold over the last 10 days as well. :((

    1. I hope you both feel better soon. I'm so much better this morning than I was even yesterday. Walt hasn't touched bottom yet, though, unless he surprises me this morning.


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