07 March 2018

Deux maisons et des ruines

Another guessing game: locate these. The first house dates back to the 1400s.

The second house was built in the 1500s. They are next door to each other.

These ruins stand nearby. As you can see, the weather was beautiful on this day.


  1. On gagne quoi à ton jeu ?
    je plaisante... je crois qu'il s'agit de Bourbon l'Archambault !

  2. Looks like a really interesting place to visit. You can see the transition to the Early Renaissance between the two houses. From fortification to windows. (Even if it's a little difficult because windows were cut into the older building to modernize it.)

  3. Christiane a parfaitement raison. Ces ruines intéressantes sont celles du château des ducs de Bourbon. Je suppose, donc, que les deux maisons sont sises, elles aussi, à Bourbon-l'Archambault. Mes grands-parents y allaient souvent prendre les eaux!

  4. I had to look up the word chanoine, it translates as canon. Not sure what a canon house is, but interesting that they both have their own attractive turrets.


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