21 March 2018

Le printemps

Les saisons se suivent et se ressemblent. One season is not very different from the last. That's life here right now. Nobody much noticed that spring arrived yesterday afternoon. It was cold outside, with a frigid wind blowing from the northeast.

Here are three more pictures I took in Lapalisse two weeks ago. The weather was much nice back then, despite the fact that it was wintertime, than it has been here over the last week or two. We know we were lucky.

Walt and Tasha were enjoying our walk through narrow streets tucked up under the huge old château. I was too. It's a good memory.

It's too bad we didn't get to see the château from inside the entrance gate. The place was closed for the winter season. Always save something for later, they say. We did — no choice.


  1. So good that you had good weather for your trip :)

  2. I love the way you framed the castle photo, and what nice towers it has.

  3. I never tire of these chateaux with tours. The street lantern in the second photo is quite attractive as well.

  4. Snow began yesterday as flurries, but it is steadily snowing now as I write. Le printemps commence en lion..

    1. I've been watching weather reports on WJLA in Arlington's internet feed today, so I've seen the blanket of white. Stay warm. It's cold here too, but dry right now.


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