29 January 2018

Will need bulldozing

I like this view for the clouds, the light, and the long row of brush between the two stands of big trees on either side. This was the atmosphere around here a couple of days ago, before dense fog rolled in again. (It's raining this morning — quoi de neuf ?)

The spindly trees in the distance that line the horizon have overgrown a parcel of vines. They weren't there when we first came here more than 15 years ago. Back then, we had a clear view of the horizon. The vines and their support posts and wires were not removed; they were abandoned and trees just grew up among them. If and when anybody ever wants to grow grapes there again, I guess the first thing needed will be a bulldozer.


  1. That photo is remarkable. It's dark and it's light, it's gloomy, and it's hopeful.

  2. Yes, Judith has captured the mood of the photo and such is life.

  3. Reverting to the native forest...


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