24 January 2018

Springing through winter

It's raining again this morning, but the temperature is above 50ºF (10.5ºC) at 5:00 a.m. It's almost like we are having springtime weather in January. I hope we don't pay for it in February and March. It's not too late for us to have snow and ice.

A lot of the plants around the yard seem confused by the weird weather. Bulbs are coming up two months early. Walt planted a lot of them in a refurbished flower bed last fall. Hens and chicks are growing fat and sassy. I have them in planter boxes and pots all along the back side of the house. Insects are having a field day.

Don't get me wrong — it didn't rain all day long yesterday. There was just a short shower in the morning, right as I was heading out for a good walk with Natasha. But rain threatened all day. Skies stayed gray and dim.

Cyclamens are coming up out in the yard. That's not unusual. These are cyclamens that bloom in January and February. They are "escapees" I believe. In other words, the woman who sold us this house threw them out into the yard when they had outgrown the little pots they were in when she bought them to keep them as houseplants for a season.

Looking at this vineyard scene in a picture I took on Friday 1/19, when we had a beautiful sunny spell that lasted all of two hours, you have a hard time saying whether the photo was taken in autumn, winter, or spring.


  1. Out in front of our supermarket yesterday there was a display of 'chicks' individually planted in small homemade boxes for $12.98 each. Wonder how many people are going to fall for that.

  2. At that price I could be a millionaire in a few years' time. Does your supermarket need a new supplier?

  3. Seeing those hens and chicks make me happy. I'll try to get some going this year. I always wonder why cyclamens or primroses won't grow outside here. They are so beautiful this time of year.

  4. I love those fragrant little cyclamen. I hope your weather doesn't cause any damage to "real" spring.

  5. Those cyclamen are beautiful. You can find those potted in the grocery store here too.

  6. Hahaha, I had to look up the hens and chicks bit. ;) I don't think it's used like that in British English? Well, mu British born and bred husband didn't know it anyway, but then he's not much of a gardener. ;)


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