16 January 2018

More Cunault images

Sometimes it's just photos and I don't have a lot to say about them. That describes today.

The author of the Cadogan Loire guidebook says that it has been claimed that there are more than 200 carved capitals like this in the church at Cunault. Somewhere I read that most of them are perched so high up that you need binoculars to get a good look at them. I wonder if my longest zoom camera might let me get more photos.

This is a shot I took in the year 2000 with the Kodak camera I was using back then.

The church at Cunault seems alive and well-cared for nowadays compared to many I've seen in rural France. It's not dark and dank but bright and full of light.

A tile floor in the church

Many of the old churches around here have rows of chairs instead of pews, so this shot surprised me when I saw it again. The poster in this shot is announcing that a concert is being given in another local church on this day.


  1. That i really a great floor tile pattern.

    1. I have another photo of it that I might post.

  2. I've run out of superlatives! I love this stuff :)

  3. Sometimes, photos like the first one speak for themselves.

  4. How nice that someone has taken an interest in maintaining that beautiful place.

  5. This is a church to plan a vacation around! Thanks very much for sharing this, Ken.



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