16 December 2017

Montrésor (nº 24)

Four or five more houses... The first photo shows a couple of them that sit under the tall towers of the medieval fortifications. Not really reassuring for the occupants, I imagine.

The house below looks intriguing. I'd love to see the inside. I wonder if the top floor is just one room.

Nice flowers in window boxes below. I'm not sure I understand where the front door is.

And you might recognize the house below. It's the biggest house in the village, sans aucun doute.

* * * * * * *

We had a surprise "hailstorm" yesterday afternoon. Ice pellets fell fast enough to over the glass top of the greenhouse and dot the Velux roof windows, but the ice melted pretty fast because the temperature was well above freezing.


  1. I'm surprised by the picture of Montresor with the person in front of the doors. I thought the chateau was small-ish....more of a personal size, but seeing this it seems huge.

    Unusual weather abounds. We are in the 80s every day. Calirfornia steamin' not California dreamin'.

  2. It is cold and grey in Florida .. go figure :)
    I would be doing what you are doing, every day if I lived there .. I love driving around new areas and taking photos of buildings. People aren't that interesting to photograph anymore, but places and things are fascinating..and animals :) I love the photo of the windshield !!

  3. I'm glad your plants are safe in your greenhouse! Winter is about to begin now....

  4. Really enjoyed your blogs on Montresor so much so we went to visit it today. So beautiful and so unspoilt. Thank you so much for sharing your information. ( we also went to priory Grandmont-villiers ) CD


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