05 December 2017

Montrésor (nº 13)

There's a lot of statuary artwork in the courtyard at the Château de Montrésor. Here's just one example. I don't know anything about it. Share information if you have any.

You can see this child-with-dog statue from behind in the photo I posted showing the courtyard side of the logis Renaissance at Montrésor.

I've been reading some of the 19th-century historian Jules Michelet's book about the Middle Ages in France. I haven't seen any mention of Montrésor among the many places Michelet writes about, and I see very little too about Foulques Nerra. I have Michelet's "paving stone" volume in my book collection. I bought it years ago. But now I see that the full text is available on-line. The advantage there is that you can do keyword searches in the text. I've been downloading it as PDF files and doing my reading on my Android tablet.

So what's going on in Saint-Aignan? Life continues. Walking. Cooking. Eating. I've been taking some photos but I want to keep posting pictures from Montrésor. It's kind of a break from blogging for me. Besides, these dark days of December motivate me to find productive and interesting activities to occupy my time.


  1. The lichens and moss enhance the look of this little statue. I don't know if they're bad for the stone but they're attractive.

  2. Your productive activities are highly appreciated, Ken!

  3. I just read yesterday's post, and really enjoyed seeing those photos of Foulques Nerra's early keep, and the half-timber house. Great stuff to share with us :)


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