02 December 2017

Montrésor (nº 10)

Façons de regarder... 

It was May 29, 2006, when I was there, and it was a beautiful day. I was with an old friend from California, but we weren't the only ones admiring the Château de Montrésor.

The château overlooks a river-walk park along the Indrois River. The women above were just sitting on a bench in the park looking up toward the towers and old fortifications. I wonder if the youngest of the four, the one with the hennaed hair, was a tour guide for the older women. Here's what they were looking at.

You recognize it by now if you've been here for the past 10 days.

Here's a man who was recording his memories of that day not with a camera but on a canvas with a brush.


  1. Those ladies look so very French.

  2. What a great memory and photo of the day !

  3. A painting of the ladies might have been almost as interesting as one of the chateau. ;-)

    1. Lol/Mdr, David,

      Here is a link to a drone video of the village of Montrésor

    2. The link above doesn't work. Blogger[?] doesn't accept https://. And if this is removed it doesn't work either.

      Here is he link;

    3. I'm trying to make that link to the drone video live. Let's see if this works. Thanks for the link to YouTube.

    4. Yes, it works. What did you do to make it live?

    5. The first time I tried to make the link live, it didn't work. But the second time it did work. I coded it the same way I normally code links in comments.

    6. It is strange that it didn't work the first time you tried, but did the second time. I followed the coding you gave me and it used to work on other blogs, and yours too, if I recall correctly.

      This time, when I clicked Publish, I got this : "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Reference " "https:" is not allowed: A

      I removed the reference and it didn't work any better.

      Next time, if it doesn't work, I'll try repeating until it works!

  4. Thanks for that chm. What an attractive town! And it gives a good idea of how the chateau buildings are arranged on site.


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