05 June 2017

Un ange passe

Ou bien un fantôme. I saw it on the white tile over our kitchen sink a couple of mornings ago.

When the weather is warm overnight, we leave windows open. We don't have screens. Interesting creatures come inside.

Do you think it's a moth? It has a wingspan of about one inch — less than three centimeters.

There's a shelf over the sink with halogen lighting under it. Makes for good batman-type shadows.


  1. Weird or what? I've never seen one of those before! Amazing photos

  2. I love these micromoths.... their real group is the 'plume moths' because of the wings..... but I call them T-moths.
    It is the White Plume Moth....Pterophorus pentadactylus.... and the wings are split into plumes..... two on the forewing and three on the rear. They are a pretty moth...and lots around this year, but I have only had a couple in the trap so far this year....
    This one, of all the group, is the easiest to identify.
    Especially from photos like these..... nice.

  3. I would have called it a stick insect and been wrong, as the above comment indicates.

  4. Is it just white or albino , I wonder .. It is strange and beautiful .

    1. And look what I found when googling to learn more about them ... http://www.mothscount.org/images/sub/1513-micro.jpg

  5. Now that is a beautiful creature.


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