21 June 2017

At age one

In May 2008, Callie had been with us for one year. We spent time on the front terrace and in the vineyard, as we did for the next 9 years. Callie was impish.

We also took a week-long trip down to the Ile d'Oléron, between Bordeaux and La Rochelle. Callie got to see the beach and the ocean. She loved to run, and the beach was perfect for that. On that trip, she got to ride on a train and go to a restaurant for the first and only times in her life.

This is how I often saw Calie on our walks around and through the vineyard — back to me, going out ahead to see what we might find next. Her coat was really smooth and silky at that age, and she was very lanky.

Callie also loved spending time in the back yard. She never was a digger, so she was okay around the vegetable garden. I hope this image doesn't look funereal. It was meant to evoke springtime in the yard.

Finally, that smile. Those eyes. That pink nose.

Callie passed away nearly 48 hours ago, on June 19, 2017, at the age of 10 years and 4 months. Somehow, her spinal cord was damaged, maybe congenitally, and her back legs ended up paralyzed

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  1. Mary Lorenz (Dettman)21 June, 2017 09:05

    Dear Ken and Walt,
    I've just read your last few blog posts and learned about your loss of Callie. I'm so very, very sorry to find out that she's gone. I know Bill would be sharing in your heartbreak if he were still here; he thought she was one of the most beautiful dogs he'd ever seen. The two of you are in my thoughts, and I send my deepest sympathy. Cherish those joyful memories!

  2. Thank you so much Mary. Yes, Bill did love Callie, and we love those photos of her that he had framed and brought to us in France. They are on the wall in the entryway. All the best to you. I've been hearing a lot from Bob Rossi this year. We met him last year and had dinner together in a restaurant.

  3. You will hold such sweet memories of your beautiful girl.

  4. I love seeing today's photos of the young and beautiful Callie. I remember when you got her and that trip to the beach. The years pass so quickly.

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    1. I will miss her as I am sure you do .. she was a Good Girl.

  6. Very nice remembrance of Callie.

  7. Love the picture of her staring into the mist of the Vineyard.

  8. Beautiful memories of a beautiful girl. Thank you.

  9. I will just always remember her pretty face, always looking so happy and eager :) Betsy just said that she is very glad that Callie got to do those fun things, like run at the beach, and rife on a train:)

    We are back in Boston now. Hope your high heat goes away soon!

  10. beautiful photos of a splendid being!

  11. So so sorry, I know that feeling oh so well when a four-legged member of the family departs. Heart breaking is an understatement, they win your heart and become true family members. Beautiful photos though and great memories. My thoughts are with Diane

  12. I have no words, just feeling so sad! But... at the same time, so surprised of the timing! You really felt something!

    We will never know what our pets are able to give us, I think.


  13. It's wonderful that you have so very many wonderful photos of Callie, besides your memories. She was a dear part of your family.

  14. I am crying buckets for both of you at losing a very special companion, I have been following your blog for some time and fell in love with Callie she so reminded me of a much loved companion called socks, he would lick you clean protect you from anyone and always be there for a hug and an electric blanket in bed, he saved me loads on electricity and also the perfect disposable unit, unfortunately the rubbish from the disposable unit could be a bit smelly especially when unforeseen input had occurred, but you are fortunate that have a newer companion who will not replace Callie but help to keep you occupied.
    my love tou three


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