01 June 2017

Bleu - blanc - rouge

I'm spending time going through all the photos I've taken on my walks over the past two or three weeks. Indulge me. Often I find my photos better and more interesting when I go back to them after letting them sit for a week or two.

Since April, our lives have been disrupted, or at least radically changed, by again having a puppy to train and supervise. Sleep patterns have had to be modified. Housekeeping has suffered. We can't leave the puppy alone in the house or in the yard, so we can't both go out at the same time. And since Natasha can't yet descend the two staircases in our house, we have to carry her up and down many times a day.

At least the weather has been cooperating. Last week was hot and dry. This week is much cooler but still dry. It's very pleasant, and it means both the dogs can spend time outdoors without getting wet and muddy.

Meanwhile, Walt has planted many, many seedlings out in the garden plot, and has found time to keep the grass mowed too. I've been cooking — harvesting and processing a huge final crop of chard, for example. That made a nice "spinach" lasagne last week, and today it will make a gratin de côtes de blettes (Swiss chard ribs in a casserole with melted cheese) that I have high hopes for.


  1. Gratin de blettes in a bechamel cheesy sauce in really delicious. I can't remember the last time I had one!

    1. Mine is all made. Now I just have to bake in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese topping and heat it through. That recipe in English that I linked to is Jacques Pépin's. The French one I just found by googling but it looks good too.

    2. Your blette casserole made me think of œufs à la tripe. Have you ever heard of that? I might prepare that next week.

    3. I didn't know about oeufs à la tripe but it would be very good. Here's what the Larousse Gastronomique says:

      oeufs à la tripe
      Faire durcir 9 minutes à l'eau bouillante 8 oeufs, puis les rafraîchir et les
      écaler ; les couper en rondelles assez épaisses, les disposer dans un plat
      creux beurré et les tenir au chaud. Faire fondre, sans les laisser colorer,
      100 g d'oignons avec 50 g de beurre ; poudrer de 40 g de farine tamisée
      et bien remuer sur le feu. Verser d'un coup 50 cl de lait froid et cuire
      10 min en tournant. Saler et poivrer. Napper les oeufs de cette sauce très
      chaude et servir aussitôt.

  2. ken .. when will you open your own restaurant ? I will be your first customer !

    1. Never, I'm sure. I'm retired. I just like to cook for Walt and myself.

    2. Plus a few lucky friends!

  3. Ken, your photos here are excellent. Such high quality!

  4. Hi Ken,
    I have just checked with Ludovic who runs the Les Cochards campsite down by the Cher and he is happy for us to have visitors and for you to bring Tasha.
    So that looks good and it will be lovely to meet you both after 2 years of reading your blog every day. And of course, Tasha too.

    We have put it in the diary to contact you on Monday 26th June after your visitors have left, to arrange when we can get together.

    All the Best 'til then. Sue and Dave.

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