12 June 2017

Church photos...

I realized this morning that I took a lot of photos featuring the church in Saint-Aignan when I was in town Saturday morning. I'm going to post some of them today and over the course of the week, just for posterity.

I took this shot of the town's eastern riverfront from the island on the opposite bank of the Cher.
As usual, you can enlarge to photos to see more detail by clicking or tapping on them a time or two.

Looking up at the church tower from down in the streets of the old town

A view from the bridge of chimneys and church towers

From the east end of town there are good views of the church towers too.

* * * * * *
By the way, today, June 12, is the 14th anniversary of the first night we ever spent in this house, back in June 2003. It's hard to believe we are so close to having lived here as long as we did in San Francisco (from 1986 to 2003). We had arrived in Saint-Aignan on June 7 and spent five days in a rented gîte nearby while cleaning, arranging for the delivery of necessary appliances, and figuring out how we would "camp" in the house until our container full of furniture and other belongings arrived by boat and moving van from San Francisco in July or August. We bought air mattresses to sleep on and outdoor furniture to use as a dining room set. It was exciting, and fun.


  1. And 14 years later it's still exciting, and fun, to read about your daily well-being :-)!

  2. I'm sure it was really exciting and fun! And I'm sure you are glad that you made that decision!

  3. It is getting to be almost as hot as 2003 too!!
    It was a scorcher here.... need to remember to drink far more water and work morning and evening.....
    We reached 38 degrees Centipede here at one point yesterday.....
    and it is 22 out there already!

    1. Our high was 29ºC or so, and that was the temperature on the terrace and up in the loft. Is your thermometer sitting out in the sun?

    2. Yes, in the weather station.... but in its own little shaded tube....
      We have a second source of measure which is the one for the boiler....
      that is outside also, but in constant shade.... that read 33C....
      I dread to think what an unshaded sensor would have read!
      The one in the big polytunnel got to 46.5C..... and that was with the door and all windows open....
      I am currently racking my brains about how to shade it.... it is six metres long!
      But we've got to get the indoor cherry tomatoes in there and the hot chillies.....

  4. Your and Walt's first weeks in your house sound very much like frontier living. You obviously survived and have thrived in Saint-Aignan ever since.
    We are on the cross channel ferry overnight tonight to arrive at Les cochards camping tomorrow early afternoon.
    Thanks to your lovely photos of the church crypt a couple of weeks ago, we have decided to persevere and visit it this time. We tried last year but the elderly lady custodian was just closing for lunch, then next time we looked in there was a service on. Perhaps 3rd time lucky.
    As we hope to meet up later this month, and as a backup to the blog comments pane, my email is suecee2015@gmail.com. Perhaps you would like to email me on it sometime so we can establish a link or, if you prefer not, can it be a back-up for after the 26th June where you can reach us if we can't reach you for any reason? Do hope you can find some time to come for coffee and a meet-up?
    Here's hopefully to catching up with you this visit.
    Cheers, Sue (Suecee)

  5. I love thinking about your move to France each year and the joy it has brought you.

  6. Congratulations on such an almost-anniversary. I like your story of camping out, a great adventure.
    Once you'd packed up and moved out, how long did it take your container to cross North American and the Atlantic (such well-traveled furniture!) to get to Saint-Aignan? Air mattresses are fun but not for too long.


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