16 June 2017

Macro shots of neighborhood plants and flowers

The commenter called Emm has asked what the flower in my first and fourth photos yesterday were. It's a kind of morning glory a.k.a. bindweed, in French liseron, that grows as an invasive weed, basically, all around the vineyard. The flowers are very small — less than 1½ inches across. Here's another photo of the flower.

Our neighbor out by the pond has a yard full of roses right now. It's too bad nobody is staying in that house so far this summer. At least we get to enjoy the flowers. Oh, and by the way, our wisteria is starting its second bloom of the year.

In this season there are big fields of red poppy flowers all around the region. There are also small patches of them along the roads and around the vineyard. The one below is in that same yard where all the roses grow.

Don't ask me what the plants below are. All I know is that they grow along the edges of the gravel road that runs through the vineyard.

I took these photos with my old 2012 Lumix TZ18 (ZS8 in North America) in macro mode with the vivid color setting. It does an extremely good job in macro mode because, I think, it has a CCD sensor. The newer, less power-hungry digital camera sensors (MOS technology) don't seem to be able match the older ones when it comes to sharpness. You can tap and pinch (on a tablet) or click the mouse on the images to see them at full size.


  1. Very sharp photos. I didn't know wisteria could bloom twice-sympa!

  2. I miss the poppies that grew in our garden in NY State ... such gorgeous flowers.

  3. I discovered something growing up one of the Pine trees behind my home .. possible Morning Glories but maybe something bigger/better :)
    I do know it is not Poison Ivy ..

  4. Like Evelyn, I did not know that wisteria could bloom twice either. I thought it was one and done.

    The color of that poppy is amazing!

  5. Our California wisteria blooms twice too.
    The bindweed flower is so pretty--too bad it's such an obnoxious weed.
    Love all your photos!

  6. Lovely flowers, thanks. I recognize morning glory when the bloom is open, but your pictures of it closed up puzzled me.
    Love those bright poppies. They're such picky flowers, if you try moving them they get all sulky and don't do well. As I found out to my regret.

  7. Nice photos! I think the lower left flower is yarrow and the lower right is yellow dock gone to seed.

  8. These photos make me wish I had Smell-O-Vision :)


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