28 April 2016

Le cimetière de Notre-Dame de Nanteuil

When I went to see the dentist and had another look around the church called Notre-Dame de Nanteuil, in Montrichard, I also took a quick look around in the cemetery next to the church. I parked my car there.

As you can see, it wasn't crowded. In fact, it was deserted, as was the church.

The first thing you see when you enter the cemetery is this memorial to the French prisoners of war and citizens who were killed in the great wars of the 20th century, including those sent to the concentration camps in Germany.

This is a detail of the monument aux morts, showing a shining church tower and castle on a hill. It's Montrichard, I suppose.

I was a little surprised to see an American flag, along with the French tricolor flag, on this grave right behind the monument aux morts.

Here's a close-up of the headstone. William Ross Tyree (I think) from Missouri is buried here. The was a major in the U.S. Army. I can't quite make out the date on the stone.


  1. It looks like the date on the tombstone might be 1957. Maybe a WWII soldier who settled in Montrichard after the war.

    1. That does look like a 5. You're probably right.

  2. I did a little digging on Ancestry.com this morning, and found a couple of listings for William R. Tyree, soldier, from Missouri, in 1900 and 1910. But, a later hit showed the "R" to stand for "Romain", not Ross. I think I'll check some more tonight.

  3. Yes, Judith see what you can find about this fellow. He could have come in WWI like my father did and decided to stay. He would have been born in the late 1800s though for him to have become a major.

  4. He was a major during WW1
    Major brings French bride
    Description Major William R. Tyree, soldier of fortune and veteran of six wars, arrived home from France today with a French bride. Before the war he was a sergeant in the 1st Washington cavalry after long service in the regular army.

    Dated: July 29, 1919 : Spokane chronicle

  5. Now the question is: who puts the U.S. flag on his grave? The town of Montrichard? Descendants of Major Tyree? And why was his state listed as Missouri?

    1. How interesting this is. I loved this post and the respect give to this soldier. Would the War Graves Commission be involved?


  6. He was born on July 23 1872
    as per https://www.myheritage.com/research/collection-90100/official-list-of-officers-of-the-officers-reserve-corps-of?itemId=82942325&action=showRecord#fullscreen

  7. Wonderful post Ken. As a veteran it's heartening to see the interest in who this unknown soldier is.



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