17 April 2016

April showers

We went out to dinner last night with Bob and Ann, a couple from Maine. We used to have a mutual friend in Bill from New Hampshire. He passed away five years ago already. You might remember him and his comments on this blog.

Bob is a wine writer, and Ann is a writer and editor working in educational publishing. I've followed Bob's blog for years. It was great to finally meet them. The restaurant was crowded, warm, and noisy in a good way. The food was excellent — smoked salmon, foie gras, guinea fowl, sea bass, pork cheeks, rib steaks, and ripe cheeses. No, each of us didn't all have all of that, but all of it appeared on the table at one point or another.

When we left for the restaurant, it was raining and felt cold outside. When is it not raining? Or at least threatening to rain? Ah, France! Ooh, April! Ne te découvre pas d'un fil... The fine food and drink were a good antidote.

The photos here are shots I took out of an upstairs window just a couple of days ago. We didn't end up having storms — those stayed off to the south. We could hear thunder in the distance. It was pretty, but a bright sky would have been just as nice.


  1. Gorgeous cloud paintings with that camera! Who needs oils?

  2. Yes, I was also thinking the clouds looked like paintings!

  3. Beautiful sky. I often think that the sky just before a storm is the most beautiful and you have captured it perfectly.

  4. Yes, I remember comments by Bill from New Hampshire. As I recall, he moved to California to pass away. RIP

    -...d'un fil, en mai, fais ce qu'il te plaît.. Arriving home in Paris on the third of May, one of the first things I'll do will be to put the heat on, whether it's cold or not outside!

    1. Walt a fait un feu dans la cheminée. I hope that your heating plant in Paris is powerful enough to warm the center of France all the way to Touraine.

      You might not have noticed that the photo of the Panthéon that I posted yesterday was one that I took with my Lumix TZ3 in 2009.

  5. Oh, yes, I remember Bill from New Hampshire, and how upsetting it was to learn of his passing. Rather fitting that you are showing le ciel in your photos today :)


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