06 December 2014

Views, back and front

These are photos I took in November. Actually, the fall colors were already slightly past their peak by then. We were starting to plan our Thanksgiving dinner. The first photo here is the view from a bedroom window out over the vineyard. The second photo is what we see (or were seeing) out the front window, off the front terrace.

I wish things still looked like this. It's much colder now than in mid-November, and we haven't seen the sun in days at this point. Nearly all the leaves have fallen now, and it's so wet out that we haven't yet been able to rake them all up.

Today we have been promised a few rays of sunshine by the weather forecasts. Yesterday we went for a drive to have lunch with friends who live an hour south of Saint-Aignan. The countryside was pretty, though wintry. It's Saturday, so the open-air market will be set up in town, and we might just go down and do some shopping if the sun really does break through.


  1. Fall looks fantastic but now is grey .........

  2. we saw the sun yesterday, but it's been rainy and grey all week here. currently raining at 4a here. boooooooooooo!

  3. A comment about Telematin. The more I've been reading French, the more I see the French adopting English or American-English words. I used to hear the adopted words pronounced with a French accent.

    But now, from Telematin, I think I hear an almost-American accent creeping in for those words.

    If this is true, I'll stop trying to improve my French and wait for the French language to meet me in the middle.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ken, thanks so much for brightening our views with these colorful photos of your autumn yard. You two have such a beautiful yard, as merits your beautiful setting.
    I'm glad that, at least, in this grey and dreary and raw and cold winter time, we have the lovely lights that decorate so many homes around now :) They add a little joy :)

  5. What lovely colours! And there was some sunshine today, too, for the La Celle Guenand Marché de Noel.


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