23 December 2014

Le déjeuner d'anniversaire en cinq photos

750 grammes de rumsteak
« façon tournedos »
choisi chez le boucher
à Saint-Aignan

Deux pavés de rumsteak
débarrassés de
leur barde de lard

Les steaks recouverts
de poivre noir concassé
en guise de marinade

Un steak nappé de
sa sauce au poivre noir,
avec pommes frites
en accompagnement

L'armagnac qui a servi
à faire la sauce au poivre, et
une belle tarte aux pommes
pour le dessert


  1. Wow your French is great but not mine. Food looks tasty.

    1. Gosia, Ken is absolutely bi-lingual and has been for quite a long time.

  2. Yum. Those homemade French fries look fantastic, as does the meat. Happy birthday to Walt!

  3. I bought a similar piece of beef at our local butchers. We had a long discussion about whether I should get it façon tournedos or as a lump. I had gone in with the intention of just buying a chunk, but the way the meat is cut here meant that façon tournedos gives you a more tender slice on the plate. If I'd just bought a chunk I would have had to carve it almost horizontally and it wouldn't have cooked so well. It was expensive, but the butcher was very confident of its quality. It was indeed very good, and I still have some cooked slices in the freezer to enjoy in sandwiches at some stage. I cook big chunks of beef so rarely these days it's always a bit scary. One doesn't want to ruin it (which I have been known to do). I hope Walt enjoyed his birthday -- I see he made his own tart :-)

  4. a lovely dinner needs no translation (I can read french, but not speak). hope your dear husband had a happy birthday!

  5. What a beautiful piece of meat. And I suppose it's grass-fed. Lucky you.
    The only grass fed beef we can get is an industrial packaged piece of
    something called a cube steak from Australia. And forget about free
    range poultry. Very frustrating.

  6. WOW!!! just stunning... those steaks are just stunning! did the birthday boy make that tart?

  7. It all looks delicious! I have never managed to buy a good piece of steak in France. No idea what "cube" steak is. Merry Christmas Ken and Walt. Sue

    1. Sue, I wish you had told me that while you were still in France. There's a butcher in Thésée and another in Saint-Aignan that sell excellent (if expensive) cuts of beef. It takes some getting used to grass-fed beef, anyway, which is leaner and has a different flavor from growth-hormone-stuffed grain-fattened beef.


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