14 December 2014

Avallon (3)

This is the Eglise Saint-Lazare in Avallon (Burgundy). A church was first built on this site was built in the 4th century. Remains of a 10th-century crypt still exist. The Saint-Lazare church was consecrated by the pope in the early 1100s.

Just to the left of Saint-Lazare are a portion of what used to be the Eglise Saint-Pierre, now a gallery for temporary art exhibits. I think the statue in the photos below represents Saint Peter.

For a few minutes, the rain stopped and we took a walk in a park out at the end of the street in the fortified city. Callie enjoyed getting out of the car.


  1. Wow what a long history the church needs renovation

  2. Those keys mean the statue is definitely St. Peter. P.

  3. Maybe the citizens of Avallon got a good price on that awful yellow paint?

  4. Ah OUI! I remember this church façade more than anything at all else about going to Avallon -- even though, at the time, I didn't really know that much about historic church styles. I kind of thought that it was just a little old 1930s church, or something *LOL*.


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