05 September 2010

Moving on up

Here it is Saturday evening and I'm doing my blog post for Sunday. Usually, I end up writing my text and processing my photos in an hour or two on the morning when I post it all.

Why such a burst of blog-posting energy? Because today I moved my computer from its temporary home in the den downstairs, where Walt has his computer workstation, up to the new loft space. I'm trying to stay ahead of the blog game. It's been months since my computer and I have had our own space.

This is my new computer setup, up in the loft.

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to have lunch with some friends at their house. The weather is supposed to be fine, so I imagine we will spend the afternoon outdoors, eating and drinking. It will be fun. We will be celebrating the completion of our painting project and the beginning of our move.

In this photo and the one above, you can see
the freshly painted closet doors.

Meanwhile, Walt finished painting the closet doors for the loft space today and now we can really see what it's going to look like. You can too, in the pictures. This coming week, we will have the plumbing and heating guy come back to re-hang the radiators, and we will move the rest of our furniture up here — sofa, bookcase, chests of drawers, television, stereo, speakers, map box, and so on.

This was the view out the Vélux window a couple of hours ago.
Kind of cloudy, but dry.

Then we'll be able to start re-furnishing and re-arranging the downstairs. As I've said before, this is like getting an entirely new house, but without having to call in a moving company. Today, even Callie came upstairs and spent a few minutes with us. I think she's happy to see some rugs on the floor and my computer in its new space. Until now, she's been suspicious of what we are doing up here, and reluctant to join in the fun and anticipation.

We seem to have beaten the November 15 target date by quite a bit. But then we still have the downstairs hall and stairwell to repaint. In fact, I still haven't taken down all of that old wallpaper. Soon, I promise...


  1. Wow, Ken, it looks just beautiful! You and Walt must feel so good to have done this, mostly yourselves!!

    Can't wait to see more photos as you finish up this incredible project!

    Donna in SF

  2. Congratulations on a job well done! Martine

  3. Congratulations. It looks great. Isn't it nice to move into a new space and see how good your old things look in a new setting?

    You worked so hard, and it was worth it.

  4. Bill still in NH05 September, 2010 12:39

    Hi Ken,

    Congratulations on a job well done...you sure will have beaten the 11/15 date. The rest of the work downstairs doesn't really count.

    Since your computer station is now in the bedroon, so to speak, you might be interested in a Logitech Illuminated keyboard. It allows you to easily see the keys in very dim light. I have one and really like it.

    It's very busy around here as well.
    As of 9/16, I'll be Bill in CA. Moving is a real pain in the %$@ (neck).

  5. That's quite a move, Bill- bonne route.

    Toute va bien, Ken! I love your workstation and the view from the top. I'm like Callie in that I appreciate rugs- the green one is nice.

  6. congrats, it looks great....i am still waiting for the painters to finish the outside of my house in nc so then i can pack up & go back to richmond so then i can start thinking about my trip to paris in oct.....my daughter secured my apt yesterday which is right around the corner from her...in an area I've never stayed, or explored much before.....near the bourse

  7. C'est tres beau, confortable et presque fini.
    Good luck Bill!

  8. I'll add my "Good luck, Bill!" to the other voices :))

    Great, great, great space, Ken! This has been such fun to follow. I love the floor and the rug at the computer station. Can Callie get up by herself, or do you have to carry her?

    Great job, you two! And what a view! (p.s. What's up with the canvas top of the doo-hickey over the table? Do you take it off every night?)


  9. But, where is Bertie? :-)

    WV: punfu

  10. So exciting. It looks great, and you've gotten to the best part of doing renovations! And I love skylights and skylight windows!

  11. You've done such a wonderful job with that space.

    And Callie may want to spend more time there once you have rugs on the floor to give her traction. Sometimes dogs get very scared if floors are too slick.

  12. We still have a lot of moving to do. I believe it's true that Callie will be less afraid to come upstairs when we have more rugs covering the slick floorboards.


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