18 August 2010

Let me show you tomatoes

Why do I keep talking about tomatoes that aren't ripening? Why is it important? It's because there are so many of them in the garden. So far, only one more, besides the one we already picked, is pretty much ripe, and another two or three are just barely starting to change color. Everything in the garden is very late this summer.

Maybe you can see how many there are from looking at this shot.

We planted both red and yellow tomatoes. We don't know which ones are which color. It'll be a surprise in just about every case.

Here's a kind of panorama of some of
the tomato plants in the garden.

I'm pretty sure all the plum tomatoes, the Romas, are red this year. Last year we planted yellow plum tomatoes, but not this year.

Above are four individual plants and the tomatoes on them,
all waiting for hot weather and bright sunshine.

Gardening is hard work and when it doesn't pan out, it can be disappointing. I'm trying to remain optimistic about the weather we might have for the rest of August and all through September. It's raining this morning. The tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers are depending on heat. Not to mention the corn.

This one is really trying. Will it be red or yellow?

Today, for a change, I shoveled dirt and moved two piles of rocks. Walt painted. I filled up the wheelbarrow at least half a dozen times with dirt, and three times with rocks. I rolled all that around to the outside of the hedge, along the edge of the road, and added it to the fill dirt the village gave us for our former ditch. Then I pushed a lot of it into the rapidly disappearing ditch.

Here's a very tall sunflower that is growing
out in the vegetable garden.

So here I am, over 60, not exactly digging ditches, but doing the reverse. Filling one in. I don't blame life in France so much as life in the country. I guess I should be positive and happy that I am still able to still do such work.


  1. Don't complain, you're just a kid! You future is ahead of you, mine is behind me! I wish I were your age again. LOL

  2. I want the rain, but like you, the tomatoes look like they are never going to ripen (except the cherry tomatoes). Perhaps I shouldn't worry - our apples and pears are now ripe and need dealing with. Tomatoes on top of that would really stretch my stamina.

  3. I hope the sunshine and warmth come back soon, for the sake of your tomatoes.

    Failing that, I have a nice recipe for green tomato chutney !

  4. I've never seen so many green tomatoes at one time- they look perfect in everything but their color.

    chm- you are remarkable, just think what you've seen in your lifetime, plus there's more to come. I do think the 60s are good in many ways though.

    Ken, you don't need to join a gym to work out! More power to you.

  5. The tomatoes LOOK great, even though they are still green. Hopefully you'll get a bit of warm weather to ripen the lot.

    For the ones that stay green, pickled tomatoes are pretty wonderful tasting....

  6. Fried green tomatoes anyone? I wonder if covering the vines at night would help? I know warm nights are important for their ripening.

  7. I just looked back and see that I made fried green tomatoes and green tomato ketchup in October last year.

  8. Bonjour CHM, yes, my future is ahead of me. My past is behind me. LOL. But I know what you mean. Some days I feel old, some days young.

    Susan, we didn't get any rain -- well, maybe a drop or two -- yesterday or this morning. Disappointing.

    Jean, thanks for the good wishes. I'll be in touch about the chutney.

    Evelyn, maybe I could use Photoshop to redden up the tomatoes! And by the way, my back hurts today after all that heaving lifting.

    Diogenes, I may be asking you too for that recipe.

    And Kristi, I tried fried green tomatoes a couple of years ago. They were good. Good tip about the warm nights for ripening tomatoes.

  9. Cheer up, Ken. You could be an old fart like Walt, kvetching about his back .


  10. LOL Susie. Poor Walt really is in pain though.

  11. Couldn't resist the opportunity to tease. From his description, Walt's pretty miserable. He really does need to see a good physical therapist if for no other reason than to get exercises that prevent him from doing himself further harm while he favors that bits that ache.

    Prime example: after a couple of months in a walking cast for a broken foot, my hips are out of alignment and I pull to the right when I brake.

    Still, if I've made you laugh my job is done. Hugs to you both.


  12. Ken, the lady with the wonderful jams over at Drache [near St Maure] makes wonderful Green Tomato Jam.... I wonder if a lot don't ripen outside here?


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