09 August 2010

Laundry, potatoes, and so many squashes

Here it is, Monday again. The laundry is done and hung out on the line to dry. The weather is warm and dry, with sunny skies but cool mornings. We are so lucky to be having our second warm, dry, sunny summer in a row. We have to get back to the painting upstairs.

I pull up another potato plant every couple of days. We're not eating them all. Some are in a cardboard box down in the cellier — a windowless pantry with a floor of sand — for storage. Many more will have to go in there, too, if I get as many potatoes from the rest of the plants as I've gotten from the last few.

King Edward potatoes, freshly dug

These King Edward spuds have lived up to the billing they get from the local British expatriates, who miss them here in France. Of course, I'm sure there are French varieties that are just as good — you just have to find them. Many varieties are available, even in the supermarkets.

Yesterday, an easy lunch of French-fried King Edward potatoes
with some home-made Chili con Carne out of the freezer

With the King Edwards, we've had success roasting them in the oven in chicken or pintade drippings; mashing them with cod fish to make a brandade de morue; and now, French-frying them. They make better frites than any other potato variety we've tried since we've lived here.

Baked patty-pan squashes

With so many ways to cook potatoes, I now need more ways to cook patty pan squashes. We gave some away to neighbors. Yesterday I roasted six patty-pans in the oven, just to get them cooked and put away. Now what can I do with them? Some kind of casserole, I guess. A lasagne-like dish? I think I'll go to the kitchen and see what I can come up with.


  1. Would they be any good cubed and sauteed, as an alternative to the tons of potatoes ??!! LOL

  2. I have many squashes and courgettes as well, all different kinds. I have been pickling and also making jam with them. The pickle is particularly good though. See my blog for the recipe. Diane

  3. Did you cook the squash with the seeds in them? Fries look perfect!

  4. Here's the basics of a dish I
    remember a friend making with
    a surplus of yellow summer
    squash. The squash were cooked
    and then mashed lightly. Mix
    onions you've sauteed and sour
    cream (creme fraiche) into the
    squash, put into baking dish and
    top with buttered bread crumbs.
    Into the oven to heat and brown.
    Maybe you could freeze at some
    stage of preparation.

  5. It's incredible how many pommes de terre there are on that one plant!

  6. Jean, I'll try that/

    Diane, I'll have a look at the pickling method. Jam too — that sounds original.

    Evelyn, yes, I left the seeds. They were tender enough to eat after cooking, like zuke seeds. I did end up peeling the patty-pans after cooking them however. The skin seemed a little tough.

    Sheila, that sounds very good.

    Diogenes, I pulled up four more potato plants yesterday. Lotsa spuds.


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