03 August 2009


It's already the third day of August. We are not having much sun so far this month. But while have little sun, we have big sunflowers.

For a few days now, clouds have blocked out the blue sky, but no rain falls. It's time to go water the garden. The tomatoes are ripening, but more slowly than they might if the weather would improve.

Busy day today. Busy three days coming up. We'll actually have to start the car up three days in a row and hit the roads. Did I tell you that since September 1, 2008, I've put fewer than 4,000 miles on the Peugeot? The poor thing is probably bored, just sitting around waiting for something interesting to happen.


  1. Wow, you can really see the spiral in the middle of the sunflower. The birds will be happy to have at those seeds in a few weeks.

    Ken, it's astounding that you are driving so little after driving so much in California. I am very happy for you, and I'm sure your Peugeot will last for many years now that you're driving like the proverbial little old lady who only went out for Sunday drives to church.

  2. LOL (does that mean Little Old Lady?), Ginny. Church? Maybe not. But markets and supermarkets for sure. Luckily there are several very close to us.

  3. Half of those miles are probably from enjoying showing off the châteaux to your visitors!

    Beautiful tournesols :)


  4. Glorious pictures. I love sunflowers.

  5. Ginny, I noticed the spiral too... wonderful things, nature's spirals. And a wonderful thing, too, is that bright burst of yellow! Thanks Ken... it's been a grey summer here on the California coast and it's lovely to see the sun in any form. :-)


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