14 August 2009

Nice August

Enjoying a nice month of August: As you can see, the tomatoes are growing like crazy. Now the big round ones are ripening. This morning: stuffed tomatoes, using farce à tomates (seasoned sausage meat) that I bought at the supermarket.

I just went out and did a fairly thorough watering of the garden. The white eggplants are getting big. There are dozens of little purple eggplants. The ears of corn continue to fill out, as do the lima, wax, and pole beans.

This week, I found the car I want to buy. Here's a picture of the "old" car — it is nearly 9 years old now — the Peugeot 206. It's a good car that we will probably keep, at least for a while. We can always sell it later if we decide we really don't need two cars.

The Peugeot 206 has been a good little car.

Walt spends an hour or two every day sawing wood for the winter. This week we set up the tent in the yard to see what shape it is in. It had been 3 years since the last time we put it up. We slept in it night before last. It was nice a cool out there, compared to the house.

Nice campground

I keep hoping these little green tomatoes will ripen.
The little "artichoke" plants are doing well.

A hot August sunrise over the vineyard

I bought two rabbits at the supermarket on Wednesday. I plan to make rabbit rillettes (potted meat) again. Or maybe lapin à la moutarde (rabbit in a mustard sauce). After the stuffed tomatoes, of course, which I'm off to prepare now.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Ken!

    About your new car, are you really sure that you want a diesel one?
    I talked to a "garagiste" once about diesel cars, and he told me that diesel cars were for people who drove a lot of kilometers every year (which doesn't seem to be your case). Other wise they cost you more than an essence car. The reason is that diesel cars cost more at purchase, and they cost more when needed to be repaired too.

    And the ecologist in me has to tell you that the "particules" that are emited by a diesel engine are highly poluting and aren't taken into account when they evaluate the levels of polution of a diesel engine.

    Not that I want to tell you what car you have to buy, just wanted to let you know about what I knew ;)

  2. Isabelle, I've heard all that before. Newer diesel cars have filters that take out the particulates, they say. I'm a diesel kind of guy. The engines last a lot longer, and they are more rugged.

  3. Ken
    Nice picture of your house. Is it a surrounding balcony?
    I was surprised to read about the little artichokes; I thought they were a species of "hen and chicks"

    Verification word :comentu - is it for "comment es-tu?" -just kidding:-)

  4. Hmmmm lapin!!! delicious!
    Saw "Julie and Julia" yesterday. Absolutely lovely, though I wish they could have spent more money. It was obvious a lot of the french outside shots where done on stage.

  5. We've taken a lot of nice sightseeing trips in your good old car.

  6. TB, the little "artichauts" are a kind of hens and chicks plant (sempervivum, I think). And the front terrace or balcony wraps partly around the house. It's wide on the east side (the front) and pretty narrow on the north side overlooking the side yard.

  7. Coucou ! Nice hot weather over here in Normandy, can you believe it, lol ?!!!

    Now, tell me what kind of car do you fancy, Guy ;-) I do like my "new" diesel Clio dCi85 ! Bises :-) Marie

  8. Bonjour Marie, I'm looking at a Citroën Berlingo that my mechanic has for sale. Tomorrow, Tues., I'll go see it and talk to the garagiste. maybe I'll drive it too. Then I have to get the money together.


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