26 August 2009

Getting busy

We are coming up on a period of much activity. Today I have to go get the car serviced, because we have a long drive ahead of us. Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can get a haircut. Friday I have to pack and help get the house ready for guests. All the while, we have to continue processing vegetables from the garden. Beans, eggplants, tomatoes, and sweet corn. Zucchini, of course.

Callie on her way home from another good walk in the vineyard

On Saturday I go to Paris. I'm going to stay with CHM, at his apartment. I'm going out to dinner on Saturday and Sunday evenings with groups of friends — 8 on Saturday, 7 on Sunday. On Monday I come back to Saint-Aignan with good friends Evelyn (a commenter here), her husband, and a friend of theirs. We'll spend one night in Saint-Aignan before hitting the road again.

Excess apples, in their own compost pile.
A perennial problem for us here in Saint-Aignan.

On Tuesday, we all — including Walt and Callie — leave for a stay of a few days down in the Cantal, between the towns of Aurillac and Mauriac, taking two cars. It is going to be a whirlwind and, if the weather cooperates, a lot of fun. Fun even if the weather turns rainy, I'm sure. Down there in the Auvergne region, there are extinct volcanoes and medieval villages, including Salers. Not to mention the cheeses. Altitude: 3,000 ft. What a change of scenery... especially after the Paris weekend.


  1. If it isn't too much trouble, perhaps you could pile the apples out where the deer could get to them.

  2. I'm up early today, trying to get a head start on jet lag. Looking forward to a good vacation with friends.

  3. Bill, there are so many apples, and there's so much other fruit, everywhere outside our fence that our few apples don't really matter that much. We used to pile them outside the fence but never saw any evidence that the deer or any other animals were particularly interested. I think they are just too close to the house. Besides, everybody says there are far too many deer in our woods and vineyards.

    Evelyn, we are looking forward to the same. You must be counting the hours by now. Good idea to start working on the jet lag.

  4. I am jealous of your compost pile! Even wormy apples are $1.50 per pound at the farmers market.

  5. Harriett, maybe we can start an import-export business. Apples Int'l.


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