10 January 2022

Views from Amboise castle

These are some photos I took in October 2000 when we were staying in a gîte in Vouvray, just a 15-minute drive west down the Loire. At the time, we found Amboise very attractive, but on the ground we found we'd get a lot less for our money than in Saint-Aignan when it came to real estate. Amboise seemed touristy and busy; Saint-Aignan seemed sleepy. But quess what — with the growth in attendance at the Beauval zoo since the arrival of the giant pandas a few years ago, Saint-Aignan is often crowded and traffic can be bad. The zoo is less than three miles from our house.




  1. Ah, yes! That view, those standards flying... great!

  2. I love the maison de charactere in picture #2 - no doubt far out of my price range. Or is that a piece of the chateau?

    1. I don't think that house is part of the château complex, but I also can't figure out what house it is as seen from the other side of the river.


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