16 January 2022

Du brouillard givrant

The temperature stayed below zero all day yesterday, and it's still below zero right now. Zero in degrees Celsius, I mean. That's 32ºF. The fog was dense, and it was freezing on the trees and on other surfaces. Walt wanted to go to the market,
and even though the car was parked under the carport out front, it was iced over. I mean clear, smooth ice, not frost.
The frozen fog was hard to scrape off, so he just warmed up the car, turned on the front and rear defrosters,
and waited for it to melt. The trees above and below are across the street, in our neighbors' yard.

I've posted about freezing fog several times over the years. Click here to scroll through those posts and view photos, including this one from 2017.

The frozen fog looks like snow, but it's less damaging to trees and causes less inconvenience for humans. It can be beautiful, especially if the sun comes out while everything is still frozen.


  1. Le brouillard givrant, c’est féerique! The forsythia in the last photo looks like feathers! I hope it kills all of those nasty bugs.

  2. The brouillard is beautiful in these photos. Wondering what the difference is netween that and "brumeur" which seems to have the same transaltion?

    1. Brume is a hazy fog, whereas brouillard is thick fog. The official meteorological definition seems to be that when visibility due to fog is less than one kilometer, it's brouillard; when it's more than one kilometer, it's brume.

    2. Awesome Ken thank you, I've wondered about this!

    3. Oui! Merci for that as we've got a lesser fog today (brume) after totally dense fog for the past two days!
      Who wants those language police after you!!!

    4. There is also the expression purée de pois to designate a very thick fog, sometimes with visibility reduced to a few meters or even less.
      Once, I was driving my Vespa one afternoon near Grenoble and the purée de pois was so thick the only thing I could see was the red lights of the car in front of me. Scary!

  3. It is féerique, as chm said. Wow. Great photos, Ken.


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