26 January 2022

Luynes : looking up, looking down

This has been a really busy week, what with having to carry the dog up and down stairs several times a day. We also have to watch Tasha closely all day to make sure she doesn't pull her stitches out by licking and biting the incision. She did that a few years ago when we had her spayed. She has figured out how to pull her Elizabethan "cone of shame" off, but she's only done so one time. Better news is that she is starting to put a little weight on the hind leg that was injured. We are still going on short walks two or even three times a day. We have an appointment with the local vet to have her stitches taken out next Monday, so five days to go before we enter the next phase of her recovery.

Meanwhile, here are a few more photos I took in Luynes when CHM and I went there a dozen years ago.


Looking south from the château in Luynes over the town and the Loire river valley



  1. I’m glad you get the daily walks, even if short.
    I am enjoying seeing Luynes.

  2. I guess you can get to that formal garden through the spiral staircase inside the tower in the middle of photo #3.

    1. I was trying to remember whether we walked up those steps. Then I noticed that there was a chain across them to prevent people from climbing up.

  3. It will be good to get those stitches out, one less thing to worry about. I love the middle photo which makes me wish for France.

  4. Nice formal garden in #3. Glad Tasha's starting to get a little better.


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