17 January 2022

Amboise : maisons

1     2
On the left, the hotel Le Manoir des Minimes and behind it the hotel Le Choiseul
On the right, an Amboise “tiny house”

3     4
A troglodyte house (cave dwelling) on the left
On the right, a house that's been turned into a restaurant

5     6
Views out over the town from the château grounds


  1. The “tiny” house is sure tiny.

  2. I stayed at Le Choiseul in 1968 on a family trip. It was lovely & the restaurant was excellent as I remember. My parents bought a VW bus (red) and we did the grand tour (England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany & Austria, oh and Belgium all in 6 weeks)I always thought I'd get back to most of these places to spend a lot more time. Aside from France, that hasn't happened (yet).

  3. It's cool to see these different types of houses in France :)

  4. Love seeing Amboise through your eyes. The tiny house looks like a duplex even.

  5. Lots of variety in styles, from colombages to troglodyte! Yes chm, that small house is very small!


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