06 January 2022

The lazy Loire

As CHM mentioned in a comment yesterday, the Loire, France's longest river, flows pretty lazily in this part of France.
In some of these photos I took at Blois just two or three years ago, the Loire looks more like a marsh than a river.

This is a wide-angle shot of the right bank section of Blois. In mid-July, the river was very low.

One of the most striking sights in Blois is the Église Saint-Nicolas.
That's part of the town's château behind it, to the left.

The cathedral at Blois stands high on a hill above the business district and the old bridge.
Look at that gravely riverbed.


  1. The slope of the Loire is very low and makes the flow very slow. Another river in Northern France, the Somme, has as even smaller grade so that it spreads out in étangs all along its course to the sea.

    1. I got my booster shot, Moderna vaccine, this morning. So far so good.

    2. Glad you did. It doesn’t mean that you’re completely immune from the Covid, but if you catch
      it, it will be very mild.
      There have been a new Covid outbreak among the patients at the place where I was before this one.
      There are new waves coming again and again. We’re not through with this pandemic. A new variant has been found in France in a traveler coming from Cameroon! When will it end? I hope the Serbian tennis player will be denied entry in Australia. It might be an exemple for the stupid unvaxed! If he has a medical exemption, he should be in a hospital tather than on a tennis court!

  2. I had the Moderna booster and had mild malaise. My 5 year old granddaughter is getting her first shot today. Her school started back yesterday- fingers crossed that things will get better by this time next month.

  3. The Loire certainly looks sleepy in these photos, but the walls on the banks must be there for a reason. Does it ever get to that level? Glad you had your booster Ken. Moderna seems to be the gold standard - I don't know anyone with Moderna that had a breakthrough case.

  4. Beautiful pictures, Ken. Can't wait till spring's here again. Hopefully it'll bring some sunshine! We had our boosters a couple of weeks ago (mid December); Moderna as well.

  5. CHM, "the Serbian tennis player" was, indeed, denied entrance to Australia. And is, predictably, throwing a public hissy fit. Apparently he's been a vocal anti-vaxxer and like so many of those thinks the rules don't apply to him.


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