09 December 2021

Un aprés-midi à Deauville

Only 10 miles down the coast from Honfleur, and again about an hour's drive from Rouen by the most direct route, is the resort town of Deauville (pop 3,500). It's famous for its beach, its boardwalk (les planches), its hotels, and its casino.
My friend Jeanine in Rouen loved to go spend a sunny afternoon there, and we did so many times over the years.
These are some photos I took in Deauville in early April 2002. The weather was splendid.

From left to right, les planches (the boardwalk), a sidewalk café, and a luxury hotel

Another grand hotel, the beach, and la mairie (city hall)


  1. My best, and only, recollection of Deauville is delicious moules à la crème.

    1. I had lost contact with Michel d’Ornano before he became mayor of Deauville, otherwise I might have different recollections of this town. He was also a friend of Charles-Henry de Valbray’s father.

    2. I can't remember ever having a meal in a restaurant in Deauville. But Walt and I had really good moules marinière in a restaurant in nearby Trouville one time.

    3. I think the moules à la crème was on the planches, but all this is very flou?

  2. La Maison is a good looking Victorian building. Seems like it would be a cafe or hotel, but I think based on the sign that it's a craft shop (?).

  3. I'm glad I finally got to see Deauville this past June.


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