28 December 2021

Pourquoi aller à Tours ?

Restaurants. Shopping. Cafés. Spectacles. As I've already said, people in France call Tours un petit Paris. During our first few years in Saint-Aignan, we went to Tours a time or two every year because we wanted to go to concerts by artists like Julien Clerc, Laurent Voulzy, Isabelle Boulay, or Alain Souchon. Or to shop for things that were not easy to find out here in the country (Asian and other imported foods; clothes; hardware; housewares...). We enjoyed the urban experiences we had beed used to when we lived in Washington DC or San Francisco, without the long drive (4 hours or so) in heavy traffic in and around Paris. Since the beginning of the Covid crisis, well... we've been pretty much housebound. Maybe that's why Tours looks so attractive to me right now.





  1. This post makes me want to be there - especially the concert. I had to look up "farfadets" - what a great word.

  2. This menu offers so many delicious dishes that it’s hard to make a selection.
    I had no idea that galipettes were a big button mushroom.
    Faire des galipettes has nothing to do with raising mushrooms!

  3. Replies
    1. As did I. A synonym is lutin. In Ireland, a leprechaun.


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