13 April 2020

Staying productive while confined

Spring cleaning is ongoing. Walt especially has created a whirlwind of activity. He has mowed the yard (half an acre) twice already in April. And he has power-washed the front terrasse (front porch? patio? deck?) to get it ready for the summer season.

Buying a little kärcher, as they call it — a power washer or nettoyeur haute-pression — a few years ago was a really good investment. Kärcher is the German company that makes the best-known power washers.

Here's the result. It doesn't take very long to pressure-wash the tiled surface, but moving all the stuff that "lives" on the terrasse is a big job. And then it has to be put back. Walt cooks out here on the grill when the weather is good, and we enjoy sitting out here taking in the view.

Tasha enjoys the terrasse too, especially when it's warm enough to leave the sliding glass doors between the outdoor space and the living room open. Above, she was watching a bird, I think. Below, she was just being happy.

The terrasse is on the east-facing side of the house, which means it gets good morning sun but not too much afternoon heat. It wraps around the north-facing side of the house too — who knows why they built it that way. About the only thing I can figure is that it makes it easy to wash the window over there.

The aucuba plant in the pot is one that grew from a cutting given to us by CHM. It likes the northern exposure.


  1. Getting ready for the good days of summer! Tasha has so much personality, doesn't she!

  2. The aucuba is doing very well.

    1. It is. I am planning to dig up the one I planted in the ground out by the fence. Its leaves are pale. I plan to plant it under the terrasse to the right of the garage door, under that windows. I say terrasse because "terrace" in English doesn't seem to have the same meaning as terrasse in French. It's always bothered me to call our front deck a terrace.

  3. We agree on plant names. Aucuba.

  4. A lovely spot to enjoy good weather, good food and good company.

  5. Our aucuba likes a northern exposure also. The aucuba may grow very tall when it is planted in the ground. Tasha is so photogenic!

  6. Je suis d'accord! I just wish the builder (this was a "spec" home) had extended my deck so that my kitchen window could easily be washed. I have to take the window out and then carry it down 7 steps to my front door where I can wash it and then repeat! You are so lucky!
    When I need a pressure-washer I will look for the Karcher brand! Thanks for the advice.

    Mary in Oregon

  7. The idea of breakfast on the terrasse is very appealing. I wonder why we always think food tastes better out of doors?


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