09 April 2020

Cherry blossom time

We are really lucky with the weather right now. It's warm and sunny, and it's about the only positive thing in our lives at present. Since we are confined to house and property, except for short walks in the vineyard with the dog, it's nice to have weather that encourages us to work in the yard and garden. I take some satisfaction in digging in the dirt.

Here's a short slideshow (one minute) of an ornamental cherry tree that's in bloom out back right now. It was here when we moved in 17 years ago. It's springtime bloom is always beautiful.

We talked to one of our neighbors yesterday — from a safe and appropriate distance of course. His wife is the mayor of our little village, which borders on Saint-Aignan. These days, she's going to the mairie every morning to answer the phone and see to any important or urgent business. The village hall is closed to the public. Her husband stays at home, where he does a lot of woodworking — right now he's building birdhouses. He said that he and his wife had to cancel a planned trip to Norway, which was scheduled for early June. The two of them are my age, or a year or two older. They have a nephew who lives in New York City and they are worried about him. They also have a daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren who live in southern California.


  1. yards are a blessing. Our daughter & her husband are trapped in a high rise apt in Valencia with 2 young active kids, large dog & cat.

  2. That is one happy cherry tree! A reminder that life goes on and we are a part of a natural world bigger than science can keep up with. If you want to hear a sad but true song written a long time ago and sung by a guy who didn't make it through these covid 19 days- here it is:

  3. Watching the slideshow of your flowering plum makes me happy! I am so glad the corona virus did not happen in late fall. It would have made it all worse if that is possible.

  4. Well, now, isn't that lovely! And, we get Tasha in the show, too :)


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