17 July 2019

Up to his belly

It was December 9, 2003, according to the timestamp on the photos here. We had been living in Saint-Aignan for about six months. We heard on the news that the Loire River was near flood stage and was cresting in Blois and Amboise.

A huge bulge of high water was traveling downriver toward the Atlantic Ocean. We drove over to Amboise to see what that looked like. Leonardo was up to his belly in river water.

Just a year before, we had spent a week looking at houses that were on the market in the Amboise, Montrichard, and Saint-Aignan areas, hoping to find one we could afford to buy and enjoy living in. In the photo above, the ramp you see leads down to what is usually a parking lot.

We decided we didn't like what we saw in Amboise, given our budget. And we rejected two or three houses around Montrichard because they were on low ground and too close to the Cher river. The Cher had flooded a lot of houses just a few years earlier, we learned. In the photo below, the stairs usually lead down to a grassy river bank.

We ended up buying the house we've lived in since June 2003. It's on very high ground. It feels safer here than down on the banks of the Cher. Three years ago the river flooded again (here and here). People were scrambling to get the furniture out of their houses before the river water flowed in.

But these are photos of the Loire at Amboise in December 2003. Leonardo got a good bath that day.


  1. Oh, my goodness, I was unaware of that statue, before your posts of yesterday and today. I wish I had seen it when we were in Amboise.

  2. Leonardo seems to enjoy a flood now and then. I'm glad you chose the house you did.

  3. That last picture is great! Yes, wise to not buy near the banks of a river. 100 year floods seems to be 10 year floods these days.

  4. A saying in my family: "If you live near the river, sometimes the river comes to visit."
    Higher ground is a better choice, methinks.

    1. Love this expression, and so true.

  5. Thanks, Judy, Evelyn, Diogenes, and Emm for the good comments.

  6. You made such a good choice in the house you bought and made a home.


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