06 July 2018

Greens at La Borne, but not the edible kind

Speaking of greens, the kale that we grew from seeds in the spring and that Walt planted out in the garden is really growing fast. That's because of the wet, warm weather we are having. Already, over the first 5 days of July, we've had as much rainfall as we would normally get over the whole month of July. There was about 1½ inches of water in the rain gauge yesterday morning. I would guess the trees around here are enjoying a good dousing too.  They are growing tall like La Borne ceramicist Claude Gaget's trees.

The trees on the left are not as green as the trees above, but I think they qualify for this post anyway. Sue and I walked all the way to Claude Gaget's studio/shop, on the west end of the hamlet, that afternoon in early June. I was happy to see there some of the same kinds of trees that I had seen at the ceramics center, and to meet the artist. He came and talked to us for a few minutes as we looked around.

He told me, I remember, that he buys his favorite wines in the Saint-Aignan area. He drives over here to the village of Thésée-la-Romaine to get wine from a local vigneron, and I'm sorry I didn't ask him the vigneron's name. Thésée, the site of Roman ruins, is just across the river from us. (I grabbed this image off Google Maps.)

I don't know who made this frog. It might be another of Nicole Crestou's works. I took the photo in the same shop where I took the photo of the big bulldog sculpture, posted yesterday, that she made. I wish now that I had brought this frog home with me. I don't remember the price.

Here's another example of green ceramics. I took the photo at the ceramics center, I believe. It's a tile. The artist's name is Anne, but Anne who, I don't know.

Finally, here's another photo of the windows in the deconsecrated chapel that is now home to the Musée de la Poterie in La Borne. Nice greens again.


  1. Your frog is likely still waiting for you. Perhaps the three of you could go for a visit one day together if you left early enough to beat the heat!

    1. Not a bad idea and prospect. Maybe a Sept. or Oct. excursion.

  2. These windows in the last picture are so beautiful! Thank you for showing us around, Ken.

  3. Replies
    1. I know, I wish I had better photos of them.

  4. I love seeing the greens in your photos, today.

  5. Enjoying seeing all these ceramics. Too bad you didn;t get the name of the St. Aignan vineyard, lol. Yes, the frog is adorable.

  6. I just checked on google and I see there are about 20 vignerons (grape-growers/wine-makers) in Thésée. I guess I'll have to try them all...

  7. per Google, Claude Gaget has also done some vegetable ceramics that look like artichokes. Very nice.


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