10 February 2014

Monday, Monday...

“...can't trust that day... sometimes it just turns out that way.” As you might guess, it's another rainy day in Saint-Aignan — another in a long string of them that's not yet over, according to the weather report on Télématin.

Today I'll be writing out my last will and testament so that I can turn it in at the notary's office tomorrow morning. Walt's doing the same.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning too. It's a regularly scheduled appointment, but I'm going to see a new doctor for the first time. I hope I like him as much as I liked the old doctor, who recently retired for medical reasons. 

While I'm at the doctor's, Walt has to go to the office in Saint-Aignan where a rep. from the Sécurité Sociale holds weekly hours. He needs to to straighten out some matters having to do with his French health insurance. It's on a walk-in, no-appointments basis, so you never know how long it might make.

None of that is much fun. My mood matches the sky's mood. So for lunch we'll have some comfort food: bœuf braisé aux carrottes et aux panais. Braised beef, carrots, parsnips, steamed potatoes, and onions, cooked in vegetable broth and rosé wine. At least we'll have that pleasure to look forward to at lunchtime. Being able to find parsnips easily is a new thing here in France.


  1. "Today I'll be writing out my last will and testament..."
    Ken, the weather's bad....
    but not THAT bad!!

    As for panais...
    until they recently became trendy...
    they were regarded as animal food only!!

  2. The same is true of collard, turnip, and kale greens -- and was true of potatoes for a long time. Eating corn/maize is also something new in France.

  3. Whatever happened to salsify? I haven't seen any for decades.

  4. Roasted parsnips are delicious too!

  5. I don't think I've ever had parsnips, now that I think of it. Nice meal to look forward to :)

  6. Oh yum, what a treat after your obligations this morning. Hope all goes well, and you two can sit and really enjoy that wonderful lunch. But come to think of it, not much gets in the way of you two and enjoyment.

    Here in the SF Bay Area parsnips have also become trendy. FIne by me. I love them roasted, as well as steamed and in broth, like you are having today.

    Same goes for collars and kale. BTW, I made "Ken's collards" twice now. The Best Ever !


  7. i laughed at what Tim said.. ha! but that stew looks heavenly. i've been thinking about a meat stew as well.

    at this point in the year all i want, tho, is something crunchy. i might even brave the weather to get the fixin's for a greek salad.

  8. Parsnips are a favorite of mine. My preferred method is roasting in the oven with olive oil and rosemary.

    Yes, Tim, I agree!!! (about the will/weather)

    Mary in Oregon


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