24 February 2014

Pommiers du matin

A morning moon over the vineyard and the apple trees by the pond.

The weather report this morning says spring is on its way.
Today's afternoon temperature is supposed to exceed 60ºF (16ºC).


  1. You have just mentioned one of the major differences between here (Derbyshire) and there.
    Here the best we can hope for today is10°C. That 6° difference is more or less constant for most of the year. It's what makes the growing season longer and the difference between running the central heating all day or not for more months of the year.

  2. Great colors. :)
    We had temps up to 70° the other day! Then temps dropped back to 31° within a few hours *LOL* So.... don't count your temperatures before they're hatched!

  3. Hello Jean, a few minutes ago the weather widgets on my computer showed 15 degrees here and 9 degrees where you are. BTW, we threw out, sold, and gave away a lot of what we owned in California. We've never missed any of it.


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