14 February 2014

Le Cher déborde-t-il ? Pas encore...

Yesterday when the bread lady drove up and blew her horn, the rain had pretty much stopped. Oh, we had a few more showers during the day, but the heavy rain of the overnight and early morning hours, which gave us a scare, had let up. Most of the ponds in our yard, including a big one right in front of our ground-level front door, are gone.

I went downstairs to buy the baguette I buy every time the bread lady stops by — four times a week — and I asked her whether or not the Cher River, down the hill a kilometer from our house, was flooding. « Dites-moi, est-ce que le Cher est en train de déborder ? » Deborder means "to overflow." By the way, it's raining again this morning, but not so hard.

We've had some ponding, but no local flooding... yet.

« Non, pas encore », she answered. « mais ça ne tardera pas ! » — "Not yet, but it won't be long." I figured she'd know, because she's out driving along the banks of the river all morning, delivering bread made by the village baker. I haven't been down the hill since before the heavy rain fell, and the river was already really full then.

So I spent the morning in the kitchen, keeping an eye on the ceiling where we had such a bad leak last spring. It held. Our roofer obviously did a good job back in June. We'll have him back next month to repair the ceiling itself.

Laksa is a soup, but this one is more vegetables and noodles than broth, with honey-glazed, boneless chicken on top.

What did I do in the kitchen? I made a Thai chicken laksa — that's what Jamie Oliver called it when we watched a show of his on the French Cuisine+ channel a few days ago. Here's a link to the recipe. I followed his directions fairly closely, but of course we don't have fresh asparagus here at this time of year. I substituted kale leaves from the garden.

I also didn't use a bouillon cube, because I had in the freezer both chicken broth and liquid left from cooking Swiss chard. Finally, I didn't have any limes, but I did have some hot pepper vinegar and some rice vinegar that could add the note of acidity the recipe needed. And I didn't have fresh cilantro either, but we just did without that. It was really good, as you can tell from the photo.


  1. Happy Valentine's day to you both!

  2. wow! that chicken looks heavenly! pinning it... :-)

  3. yea its the chicken that intrigues moi......looks tasty

  4. That chicken is easy to make. I had to skin and debone 6 chicken thighs, so that took a while. If you can buy boneless thighs, and I'm sure you can, it'll be that much easier.

  5. Drool here from California….that looks so yummy.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Thanks, C in Cal., and thanks for the comment about collard greens the other day. Hello to A. too.

  7. What a yummy soup! All the subs made me smile.

  8. His seems to have more broth than yours.

  9. On a dreary slightly sad day in Upstate New York, I am going to buy a chicken and make this soup/chicken.
    Thank you for your comments on my blog, I read and appreciate every single one.
    besitos, C


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