26 February 2014

Fleurs de la fin de l'hiver

The other day I posted photos of the saxifrage flowers out in the back yard. This time, it's photos of flowers that we are used to seeing in late winter or early spring.

The one above is a strikingly colorful crocus growing on the edge of the woods on our neighbors' property.

And the ones above are perce-neige, or snowdrops, also growing at the neighbors'.

And finally, these primevères or primroses in our own yard.

The first day of the kitchen refurbishing went well. The contractor spent about two hours sanding the ceiling with what he called his girafe, which is a rotary sander on a pole, attached to a big vacuum cleaner. Wow, having the right tools makes all the difference — no dust storm! He then patched the cracks and the rough spots with some kind of enduit or spackle. Today he'll sand the ceiling again.


  1. Great photos! So sharp and vibrant.

  2. Love the crocus...
    want a "giraffe"...
    won't use it...
    just looks the bizniss!!

  3. Thanks for the comment(s), Starman.

    Tim, we got 8 more millimeters of rain last night. And it's supposed to rain for the next two or three days.

  4. Too much rain for you and not enough for us (we are expecting a significant storm on friday). It looks like you found a really good contractor. 3 more days to go but I would think after today's sanding, the worst is over with. Gorgeous spring flowers!

  5. Ahhhhhh the crocus! So beautiful.
    Glad the sanding was done with a vacuum attached!

    Ken, Amy H. posted on FB yesterday about having gone to a foot doctor, and he used an expression we're all a bit thrown by. The doctor had put together a little website to explain several common foot problems. When he told Amy, he used the phrase, "J'ai commis un site Internet...." Amy threw it out there on FB for discussion, wondering why that verb would be used in this context. Someone cited a Word Reference forum, which came up with the idea of translating as something like, "I confess to having put together...." Another spot on W.R. mentioned the use of "scribbled", so I was thinking he maybe meant it in the sense of "I've thrown together a website....". Do you have any thoughts? It's on Amy H's FB, if you're interested in joining in. It's a new one for me, but you and chm are my favorite experts when something is this perplexing.

    Merci d'avance :) chm, do you have anything to add?

  6. The giraffe is well named and useful. The photos tell me that your Spring is ahead of ours this year. I would love to see primroses in bloom someday.

  7. Your photos of flowers - what eye candy! I saw on another blog where she dug up a clump of the snow drops, covered roots with green moss and put them under a cloche. Just elegant. Sounds like you are having good luck with your redo. Can't wait to see the end result.

  8. Hi Judy,
    In this context, what he meant is "I set up a web site".

    Commettre un crime is perpetrate a crime. Perhaps he meant that he perpetrated a web site! LOL

  9. Your crocus look divine! So bright and welcoming.

    Wish they had giraffe's around here - it would certainly have made my sanding the "popcorn" off the ceiling
    a few years back an easier job and not so hard on my neck.

    Mary in Oregon


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