12 February 2014

Photos d'arbres

The vineyards are surrounded by trees and sections of woods. A lot of the wooded areas are along gullies and ravines that serve as drainage ditches and stream beads. The vineyard has needed good drainage this winter, for sure — and last.

After the big wind storm we had a few nights ago, I walked along the edge of the vineyard with Callie to see if there were signs of damage. I saw a few limbs and branches on the ground, but I didn't see any big trees down. The one above was the biggest, and it is more leaning that fallen.

The sun was shining brightly that morning (last Friday) and it felt like spring outside. Winds were still gusting, so I tried not to stay long near trees that were swaying and creaking, and in danger still of falling. The weather looks calmer, the winds stiller, in my photos than was the reality of that morning. The ground is so water-soaked and soft that tree roots might not hold tight.

The tourist road through the Touraine vineyards, a picturesque sign-posted route for visitors to the region, also runs along the edge of a big, deep wooded area near our house. Again, I didn't see any trees lying across the paved road — just some limbs and branches. I kicked and threw them off to side as we walked along. Two cars passed at about 9 a.m. Rush hour...

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  1. Due to reasons out of its control, the snow storm we were supposed to have yesterday night has been delayed one day. Like Starman, can't wait!


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