23 February 2014

Garden check

The only "active" garden plot I have going right now has been very happy with our wet winter weather. So have the weeds growing in it, but the collard and kale plants are big and hardy enough now to ignore all the grass growing around them.

The hundreds of slugs and little snails that were munching on the leaves a couple of months ago seem to have gone into hibernation. (Or maybe they all drowned.) I don't think the weather has been cold enough to kill them, but if they are still living they don't have much of an appetite.

That top photo is a kale plant. The one just above shows some collard leaves. We've enjoyed the kale just sauteed with duck fat and garlic, with just a spoonful or two of white wine. Kale leaves are more tender than collard leaves, which need a longer time to cook. Both are really delicious though.

We really need to do something about the shutters on the garden shed. The paint is peeling badly, and the wood itself isn't in good shape. I wish I could buy some new shutters of the same size right off the shelf, but I bet new ones will have to be custom-made. Summertime projects...


  1. But in the meantime, your shed doors make a striking artwork.....

  2. A local restaurant has a Caesar salad option with part kale, part romaine.... makes a really nice salad. The kale adds such a nice texture and flavor and holds on to the dressing nicely. The mix was very good.

  3. How do you say "kale" in French. I needed it the other day and my computer dictionary wasn't any help.

  4. Judy, that souds good. We'll have to try it when our kitchen is put back together. I plan to harvest the kale and collard greens in March.

    Barbara, one translation I've seen for kale is'chou vert frisé'. I often use Wikipedia for these kinds of translations. Look up 'kale' in English Wikipedia and then click or tap 'Read in Another Language' at the end of the article or in the sidebar. Choose 'Français' and you get the French article that corresponds to the English.

  5. It looks like someone oainted over old paint.


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