22 March 2013

The village church

I don't have much time for the blog this morning. Luke has a 9:30 train to catch, and I have a 9:30 appointment with Madame Barbier down in the village. I have to get him to the station on time and then race back for the haircut. The bridge closure in Saint-Aignan is complicating our lives...

One of the places we saw yesterday was the village we call home. We went to buy bread for dinner. Luke really wanted a pain au chocolat too, this being France, so he got one from our baker. I snapped a couple of photos of the church. Luke has been here several times over the past ten years, so this time we have spent our time re-visiting places he remembers.

We are going to have our first day worthy of springtime today, they say. High temperature: 17ºC, which is about 62ºF. Break out the bermuda shorts!


  1. No bermuda shorts for us, sadly. We are snowed in again.
    I can't begin to tell you how jealous I am of your 17°C.
    It's a very nice church....wish I was there.....!!

  2. Hello Jean, so sorry to hear about your weather. It is starting to feel a little like spring here.

  3. Loved the church photo Ken. It's always nice to revisit our favourite haunts, and relive old memories.

  4. Is this the church in Mareuil-sur-Cher? It's beautiful.
    I always like seeing the rooster weathervanes on church steeples.

  5. Virginia, thanks.

    Dean, yes, it is.

  6. I don't think I fully appreciated the simple beauty of that church until I saw your photo.

    There's also a simple pleasure of a pain au chocolat eaten in France. Would like to be there today since it's much colder here in Dixieland.

    Hope you made it to your haircut on time.

  7. I ended up arriving early for my haircut, and Jocelyne Barbier was running late anyway. The customer ahead of me was Jacques Denis, the 80-
    something-year-old grape-grower who owns or at least used to own (his son has taken over) the vineyard we live next to. I told him how Callie was looking forward to seeing him again soon. Callie loves him and I think he loves the way Callie goes to him when she sees him working out in the vines.

  8. Looking again at the photos from yesterday of your home. Such a 'french-looking' home with the gable, balcony and white gated entrance. It must be nice to pull up and see it each time with guests who can admire your and Walt's ability to keep everything looking so well-maintained! Today's church photo is one I will be thinking about today, wishing I was the photographer and enjoying a visit in such a lovely region.
    No bermuda shorts here, either. I have on my turtleneck shirt and polar-fleece vest to keep me warm while I peck away on my computer!

  9. I hope the bridge isn't closed for too much longer.

  10. Starman, the bridge is scheduled to reopen tomorrow morning, and then be closed again April 8 - 12. At that point, I'll be in N.C.

  11. Ken, beautiful photos of that lovely church. Evelyn's comments are so often just what I was thinking (including the cold weather here up ABOVE Dixie), so just re-read hers, please *R*R*R*.

    (p.s. Next time, maybe you'll take a photo of the next pain au chocolat you come across, to help us fully enjoy the thought of one!)


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