15 March 2013

Road closed, but not because of snow

The gravel road through the vineyard is still closed. The village authorities are putting down new gravel to repair potholes (nids de poule or "hen's nests" as they are called) and ruts caused by all the rains of the past six months.

The road is closed to cars, trucks, and tractors, but not to pedestrians. It's kind of funny that the sign says the road is closed off à 00 m — not a hundred meters or a thousand meters farther on, but starting right here. Such a sign doesn't prevent us from walking out there with Callie.


If you look closely and squint a little, you might notice that it was snowing in all these photos that I took yesterday afternoon. We were having giboulées de neige as big puffy but dark clouds blew over in the deep blue sky.

Our decorative backyard well est un vrai faux puits.

Nothing was really sticking to the ground, and none of the snow showers lasted more than five minutes. There was a frigid wind blowing.

"Popcorn" or "hominy" snow on the marquise (awning) over the back door

Oh, and I think I figured out why the village is fixing up the road at this particular moment. On the way back from the doctor's (routine visit) and the supermarket yesterday morning, I saw a big sign out on the highway announcing a randonnée pédestre scheduled for this Sunday morning. That's an organized hiking event, and the village sponsors such events several times a year. My guess is that they don't want anybody to trip and fall on the gravel.


  1. Those randonnées pédestres are not a simple ramble... they always look like a forced march to me... with the out riders with hi-vis gilets, flags and the ones at the back... I'm sure... carry cattle prods.
    One walk that came past us when we were out, were almost in step!!

    When I go for a walk, I like to look at the wildlife, the flowers, the scenery... at a pace slow enough to take photographs.
    Not to trample the countryside into submission...

  2. You must all be so ready for spring, warm air and flowers, being able to work in the yard... Very, very soon Ken!

  3. Yes, spring! It will soon be here!
    We had that kind of popcorn snow here yesterday, too-- not something I remember seeing before.

    Ken, I saw your comment that you've read a number of Amy's Alençon posts :) It's fun to me to see her getting excited about all of the same little things that I got excited about (and I think that most of us get excited about) during our year abroad. :)

  4. I think it's hilarious the town is fixing the road because they don't want hikers to 'trip' on the gravel. Are they going to pave it?

  5. No, I don't see pavement in our future. Paving the road would bring us traffic -- no thanks. Just because it's a gravel road doesn't mean it can go forever without maintenance. With all the rain we've had since autumn, it was pretty badly rutted.


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