08 March 2013

Birthday duck, and beef and broccoli

I have no energy and little inspiration this morning. It's another gray day. It rained all night. I listened to it.

Here's a picture of the duck and beans that we had for dinner on my birthday on Tuesday. It was a breast filet, and those are generally cooked rare, either grilled or pan-roasted. Needless to say, this is not grilling weather, so this duck breast was pan-roasted. It was delicious. The beans are called pois du Cap (Lima beans), which seem to be a specialty of Réunion island in the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar and a French département. We also had braised céleri-branches with it.

Another lunch this week was beef with broccoli. It also was delicious — spicy and flavorful, with beef broth, crushed red pepper, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and sesame oil. A real treat. The beef was skirt steak (hampe in French). The (supermarket) broccoli comes from Spain, I believe, and it's really good in wintertime. Those are wheat noodles.

Lights were on at the neighbor's this morning, and there are no cars in the driveway. I can only assume that le voisin is doing okay for the time being. There were four or five cars over there yesterday morning, including some we didn't recognize. I guess we'll find out later what decisions are being made and what steps will be taken.


  1. Both those are grand looking dishes Ken...
    I can smell the beef one!
    Olfactory memory?

    Lima Beans are known as "Butter Beans" in the UK...
    they are one of my favourite.

    Pauline and I tried growing them in our greenhouse once...
    won't grow outside in the UK...
    abject failure...
    got three pods...
    different times, different sizes!
    Still... they come in packets!!

  2. Tim, I know about butter beans. A friend from Kentucky told me her family used that term for these big Lima beans too. In North Carolina, butter beans were smaller and green, like the beans a lot of Americans call "baby limas."

    I get the pois du Cap at the Paris Store in Tours-Nord. I'm not sure if the Cap in the name is Capetown or some other cape. When I look up pois du Cap in my French food books, I mostly find cross-references to haricots de Lima. They seems to be much used in Réunion with curried dishes.

  3. Both meals look fantastic but the duck is mouth watering. Diane

  4. thanks for posting this! i was wondering if you had a cassolette.. i wouldnt have guessed lima beans. i'm with you i'm over this stupid weather. we need spring!

  5. let's hope the cars mean a better living situation for your neighbor

  6. Your food is colorful even if you days aren't. Our time is changing this weekend, can Spring be far behind?

  7. Ken

    We call it "gros pois" on the island.
    Correct , it is used in curry and most of the times , as a thick sauce together with what they call "rougaille" - cooked tomatoes with onion and spices as filling in "dholl puri". It is similar to a fajita but thin like crêpe.

  8. Wow, those are some great-looking dishes. As Evelyn said, their color is beautiful! I'm glad to know they were as delicious as they look.

  9. Curious about the name of the beans in the UK. Here, we have both lima beans and butter beans, they are two different veggies. I will not eat meast that is not completely cooked.

  10. That Beef and Broccoli dish looks fantastic! I've yet to taste braised celery, but perhaps tonight is the night! I love celery and usually have it in my refrigerator - but I have it to snack on, raw.
    I love lima beans, too. Not many of my friends can say that.

  11. Ken, we missed your birthday even though I have it on my calendar. We were on a plane to Tasmania.
    Hope you day was special.
    Leon and Sue


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