21 July 2009


The other day our neighbor came over and rang the bell. I was out walking the dog. Walt went to the kitchen window and leaned out. Mme M., the one who lives in Blois but spends weekends and summers across the street, said her husband had picked 15 kg — more than 30 lbs. — of plums (those are prunes in French) off one tree in their yard.

Petites prunes rouges

"Come over and take all you want," she said. "There are a lot of them on the ground and a lot left on the tree." She didn't know that I had already picked quite a few of them. M. and Mme M. were still in Blois. They had told me earlier that I could help myself.

They look like cherries but they're plums.

So yesterday morning we went and picked up a lot of plums off the ground. The weather is so dry that they hadn't started to spoil. I washed and sorted through them all and weighed them. Three kilograms. More than 6½ lbs. Now what are we going to do with them?


  1. You've just solved the mystery for us.

    We were walking yesterday and saw masses of these whilst we were out.

    I've never seen minature ones before so merci beaucoup!

    We'll be doing that walk again but with some polythene bags,


  2. bettcha you can't sell them anywhere;-)

  3. Walt pitted a batch of them while I went out shopping this morning. The he made a tarte, like last time. Excellent. And even the crust was good!

  4. Plum jelly is one of my favorites, or are you overstocked on jelly?

  5. Plum jam is one of my favorites too, and I may end up making some. But yes, we are overstocked.

  6. plum jelly, plum pie, plum clafoutie. I think there is a plum chutney you can make too. I made plum jam a couple of years ago. Lots of work but well worth it. You can also make a plum syrup to serve over ice cream or pancakes.

  7. Plum sauce. Did I mention that we picked up 6½ lbs, 3 kg, of these little red plums. Look at this blog post: Wild Plum Sauce.

  8. FYI - Due to a severe storm last night, Ken and Walt do not have any Internet connection until at least 6 p.m. St-Aignan time today July 22.

    Word verification is hyperson. Wrong! I am the hyper father!!

  9. Thanks for telling us about the storm, CHM--I am used to being in Saint Aignan with my morning coffee.

    I hope Ken and Walt didn't get any damage.

  10. Yikes about the power problem for Ken and Walt. I, too, enjoy having my morning coffee with them.

    CHM, thanks for the info. How have you been enjoying your long stay in Paris? What are the latest exhibits at the museums?


  11. No damage at our house, Evelyn, except a branch broken out of our big apple tree. No great loss. See my latest post: the lightning display was pretty impressive.


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