11 July 2009


Busy today. Making rillettes de lapin — deboned rabbit, cooked, shredded, and potted up in duck fat. We have guests from Rouen arriving tomorrow. They're not staying with us, but we would like to have them over for what is called un apéritif dînatoire — a light dinner of, basically, finger food — tomorrow night, and probably for another meal before they go back to Rouen on Wednesday.

The Sempervivum flowers are opening now.
Some are really pink, others are a lighter shade.

Meanwhile, here are some garden pictures. I need to go walk the dog right now....

Tomatoes are progressing nicely, despite
the cooler weather this past week.

...and now I'm back. It's very gray and kind of muggy out there this morning. We wish it would rain. I keep finding plum trees all over the neighborhood, on land that nobody seems to tend to. Some of the plums are ripe, and some are still green. The ripe ones are falling now, and I'm picking them when I can. Plum tart for lunch today...

Little daisies in the vineyard....

...and much bigger ones in the garden.

Time to go pit some plums. Walt is blind-baking the crust for the tart.


  1. I suppose those plum trees have been there all along and you are just noticing them. It is interesting to walk the same paths because you become more aware of things as time goes on.

    Enjoy your visitors from Rouen. Those light suppers sound delicious.

  2. Plum tart sounds great :) I bet you're eating right now... or you've already finished!

    It's going to be a humid one here, with a good chance of thundershowers--- much better forecast, though, than we had expected (high 90s, originally). It's a big weekend in St. Louis, because the All-Star Game is in St. Louis this year. The game is Tuesday, but there are big events going on all weekend, leading up to Tuesday, and celebrities in town. Sheryl Crow is giving a free concert under the Arch! and Obama is throwing out the first pitch at the game on Tuesday!


  3. Evelyn, we're going to have rillettes de lapin with pain de campagne, smoked salmon rolls with céleri rémoulade, goat cheeses, and a cheese-and-lardon fougasse from the bakery out in the vineyard. It should be good.

    Judy, are you going to the game? Will you get to see Obama? Or Sheryl Crow?

    The plum tart is delicous. Pictures tomorrow.

  4. Not going to the game, but I'll be at the concert tonight! I love Sheryl Crow :) I hate big crowds and sitting in the heat vying for a spot on the lawn, but that's the only option. :) It's a cancer fundraiser -- I think that MLB (Major League Baseball) is donating $1million to cancer research, and folks at the venue will be able to donate to cancer research, too. Apparently, the concert will be shown live on the MLB website... but it will be the middle of the night, for you, since the concert starts at 8pm :)


  5. The "apéritif dînatoire" was great ! Myriam and I enjoyed the "rouleaux de saumon et truite fumée au céleri" ;-) It was very "original" as we say in French and excellent ! It seems as if your welcome was so "chaleureux"/warm that we stayed one more day ;-) !!! Bises. Marie


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