18 August 2022

The last pier

March weather, a couple of days before my birthday. When I was in college, over the summers before and after my first trip to France, I worked selling bait and tackle and then flipping burgers and making egg sandwiches for tourists and fisherman on a pier like this. I especially liked working the night shift, from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. because the sunsets were often really beautiful. On the day in 2002 when I took these two photos, the beauty was much rougher and wetter, with storm clouds rolling in. Storms often treated these structures badly. There used to be three or four of them at the eastern end of Bogue Banks, but now only one remains.


  1. Oh, how I love the ocean ❤️

  2. Nothing like the beauty of the sur and sky on a gray, stormy day.

  3. With your later work accomplishments it must be somewhat fun for you and amusing when a new friend hears that you started your work history selling bait and flipping burgers!

  4. Mary in Oregon18 August, 2022 19:36

    Previous comment!

  5. You learned some lifelong skills flipping burgers and making egg sandwiches.

  6. Coastal NC is beautiful in all weather.


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